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Providence Memorial Park & Mausoleum
A Perpetual Care Cemetery
Family Owned Since 1954
*Cremation Niches: Any Level, Immediate Need 
$1000 Monday-Friday
Saturday $1250
(Price includes entombment Fee & Basic Name.*)

Baby Crypts: (12 IN. HIGH X 30 Length)*** Infant P.O.A. Must Contact Office for Additional Information***

Entombment Fees (Mausoleum):
Adult Burial Monday - Friday $800                Saturday $1,000
Junior Casket (31”inches) Monday - Friday $500 Saturday $700
Infants (2ft 6in or less) Monday - Friday $300    Saturday $550

Financing Policy:
 Pre-Need: Minimum Down Payment is 20% of the Purchase Price.
Immediate Need: Singles Crypts MUST BE PAID IN FULL Plus Fees,
           Double Crypts, $3,000 Down Plus Fees
                    4 or 6 Burial Crypts $4000 Down Plus Fees.  
*NO CHECKS are accepted on Immediate Need Services.*

  Maximum Financing Period is 60 Months. Finance charge is 18%APR.
Minimum Monthly Payments are $110.00 per month.
 (Monthly Payment Will Vary Depending on the Down Payment & Purchase Price)

*No finance charge on any account paid out within 90 days. A late fee of 1.5% will be charged to any delinquent account.

Single Lot: $4,000         Double Lot: $5,000       Triple Lot: $6,000

Internment Fees:

Adult Burial: $875.00     Saturday $1,075
                                      Junior Casket: (31”inches) Monday - Friday $575 Saturday $725
Infants: (2ft 6in or less) Monday - Friday $350 Saturday $600

Monday - Friday $400   Saturday $650

**Any existing grave can be probed for increase
The cost is $2000 (Each case is determined at time, pending space and authorization)

Financing Policy:
* Pre-Need: Minimum down payment is 10% of the purchase price0.

  Doubles and Triples will require $4,000 down along with the Interment Fee.
No Interest on Pre-Need Purchases for Up to 1 Year.
(If there is a need to use property, it must be paid in FULL)
No Checks Accepted on Immediate Need Down Payment and Fees.

*Maximum financing period is 60 months. Finance charge is 18%APR.
* Minimum monthly payment are $90.00 per month.
(Monthly payment may vary depending on down payment & purchase price)

Insurance is Accepted on a Case by Case Basis, Additional Charges Apply.
Level D-G $4,500
Level C $5,000
Level B $5,500
Doubles (Tandem):
Level D-G $6,500
Level C $7,500
Level B $8,500
Mausoleum Crypts
Abby (Bottom):
2 Burial $7,500
4 Burial $11,000
6 Burial $13,500
Below Ground Burials