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Providence Memorial Park & Mausoleum
A Perpetual Care Cemetery
Family Owned Since 1954
1.  All headstones must be flat bronze with a minimum 24x14 to maximum dimension of 24x16

2.  We reserve the right to refuse any headstone that may be deemed inferior or non-conforming.

3.  Prior to installation, any headstone must be approved by the sexton of the cemetery.

4.  We reserve the right to return any headstone, memorial sent to us back to the company of origin.

5.  Current cost of installation for (concrete base only) is currently $500, however, we reserve the right to increase the cost           
     of installation depending on the size and type of the headstone.

6. Please be well advised we will not accept any responsibility for any headstone ordered outside our company. We do not          
    warrant the headstone, if the headstone is lost, damaged, chipped, faded or stolen, or if any names, dates etc. are      
    incorrect. Any repairs requested for the base can be arranged for the cost of installation at the time requested.

7. Any add on names, or year of death inserts will be the responsibility of the customer to obtain from the manufacturer of        
   origin, presuming that they are still in business at the time of the request.

8. In the event a request is made by the property owner or an owner in due  course of the property to remove the memorial,             headstone and or add on name plate from the site, we will do so as long as the request is in writing from the property owner    
    and until any possible conflict is resolved. However we will not be responsible for storing the headstone or add on nameplates.

Headstones Not Purchased through Providence Park
General  Park Rules:

1. Flowers, plants or ferns placed on grave sites in glass-like containers shall be removed by the Association.

2. We recommend the placement of artificial flowers only during the winter months or from All Saints Day (Nov. 1st) until grass cutting     season resumes.

3. Flowers that fall out of vases may not be replaced by an employee of the Association or Cemetery. This is to avoid accidental      
    placement of flowers.

4. Bronze memorials should be cleaned with plain water. Do not  use soap, oil or paint. Allow the memorial to take it's natural course.

5. No upright memorials are allowed in any section of the cemetery other than in that section set aside for copings.

6. The Association requires that the installation fee for any government issued memorial has to be paid in advance before it will agree      to order from the government. Memorials ordered without our authorization will be returned.

7. The Association assumes NO responsibility for the theft or removal of any flowers artificial or real potted plants, stands, vases, pots,      shrubs or trees placed by the owner, family or friends of any grave site whatsoever.

8. All trees, benches, walkways and dividers belong to the Association. The Association may remove them, dispose of them or change     their location without having to get permission from the property owners.

9. Any change in rules or regulations apply to All. There can be no changes in any policy governing the operations of Providence      
    Memorial Park without the approval of the entire Board of Directors of the Association.

10. The Association may not refuse service to any person, based on race, color, creed or religious preference.

11. The Association will identify where each person is interred upon request by an adult person or child of any deceased person who         has an account in good standing with the Association. The Association reserves the right to refuse service on any account that is         delinquent, in default or has been cancelled.